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SIGN of the times: teaching ASL to recovering a...
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Globally 208 million people 15 and older use illicit drugs or abuse substances.In the US,20 million people 12 and older are illicit drug users and 20% of women in drug rehab in the European Union and Norway are of childbearing age.During pregnancy, this abuse can affect women and infants; contribute to infant developmental and communication delays and influence parenting abilities.Parenting is a trying time when lacking self-efficacy and creates a high vulnerability to stress.This monograph provides information about teaching ASL to recovering mothers; increasing self-efficacy and decreasing anxiety.Being secure in efficacy helps a mother navigate through phases of her child's development and be less vulnerable to stress.This work adds to the knowledge base of drug and substance abusing mothers.A low cost program,easily incorporated into existing rehab curricula.It can help educators and healthcare providers worldwide better understand the needs of the drug and substance abusing mother.

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