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Snowmobile / Quad Bike ATV Private Tour from Ba...
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The ATV (Quad Bike) tour starts from Bakuriani (IN WINTER TIME WE CAN OFFER SNOW DOO TOUR), circa 2.5 hours drive from capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Transportation from and to Tbilisi is included in the price. The package includes as well drinking water for the guests. The experience starts at 1,600 mt above sea level (ASL) in ski resort Bakuriani, goes to Tstskhratskaro pass (2,400 mt ASL) through breathtaking landscapes and leads towards Tabatskuri lake, one of the most hilarious lakes of Georgia. Completely frozen in winter period. Next to the lake its possible to arrange a lunch in local family at extra cost. Totally the tour lasts approx. 7-8 hours. Highly recommended, you will never forget this experience and the landscapes.

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